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We absolutely want you to sign up and join us on the board . Only actual or prospective members will be invited to the drives however. I just want you to keep that in mind, thanks Very Happy

Ralph Longo

Other Club, Club Members: Read First

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Other Club, Club Members: Read First

Post  Ralph Longo on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:46 pm

I have decided to open up our Meets and Gatherings section to paid up to date members of any local car club. Again, to clarify, you must be paid and up to date with your current club to keep access to Gateway Sports Cars Members only Meets and Gatherings section.

Our drives are on the second Sunday of the non winter months and will be driven in a "spirited" manner by myself. Meaning that I will, at times, be traveling at a rate of speed that while safe, is above the posted speed limit. You have zero responsibility to follow me and every effort is made to provide the route ahead of time for you to print and or load it into your GPS. Safety is absolutely first and foremost however, so if you accompany us on a drive and you are deemed by myself using whatever judgement I see fit, to be a hazard to the others around you then you will be removed from further access

If you wish to be added to the group in this capacity, please join this board then private message me with the following.
  1. Current Club you belong to
  2. Date of your membership renewal
  3. Membership number or the means you use to prove membership at your sponsors locations

If you have any questions before you join our bulletin board you may email me at

Thank you,

Ralph Longo

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